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Test on amperometric and voltmetric power transformers

Amperometric and voltmetric power transformers -Check

A power or measuring transformer may be damaged during transport, due to micro vibrations. Before commissioning, it is necessary to check that its electrical, insulation and transformation ratio characteristics are correct, with reference to the construction data. Measuring transformers need proper verification and typification for the correct visualization of the measured electrical values. Lictronic has invested in instrumentation and training of its staff, with the creation of a specific division able to certify the measures carried out.


  • Medium voltage
  • Low voltage
  • Measurement systems
  • Energy meters  
  • Generation systems
  • Fiscal measurements


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After a prolonged stop it is necessary to proceed to the refined cleaning of the MT cells, of the power transformers and related connection conductors, after which it will be indispensable to verify the insulation of the various components and to arrange the strength test, in order to stress potential damages caused by rodents or mechanic ones. We suggest you to provide for the ventilation and drying of the premises before our intervention, to avoid false measurements.

Yes, we can, as we have transportable instrumentation useful for the required verification; you will need on-site support to perform the move, disassembly and reassembly of the various systems. In the preliminary phase we will send you a form to be completed with the data of the devices to be checked.


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