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Repair of AC/DC drives, electronic boards and various devices

Repair of AC/DC drives, electronic boards and various devices

We repair the main types of industrial electronic equipment: drives and inverters, power supplies, monitors, operator panels and electronic boards in general. Our aim is to extend the life of your equipment.


  • Cutting machines
  • CNC machines
  • Monitors and PCs for industrial automation
  • Machine tool
  • Diagnostic and monitoring systems
  • Industrial control systems
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    We can intervene on site and, with the help of our laser aligner, we'll proceed to check the alignment between extruder and motor to highlight or detect any coupling errors.

    La nostra azienda dispone di allineatori in grado di operare su alberi di notevoli dimensioni, permettendoci pertanto di eseguire verifiche su sistemi di diversi MegaWatt


    Drives and electronic board repair

    Italy - La Spezia

    Alignment of gas reception pump motor.

    Malaysia - Selangor

    Post-maintenance engines realignment.

    Egypt - Cairo

    Elimination of vibrations fan for klinker

    Australia - Perth

    Alignment of conveyor belts and similar

    Cile - Colbun

    Alignment of hydroelectric turbine

    Taiwan - Linkou

    Check of generators at first operation.

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