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Design and construction of electronic devices

>Boards and electronic devices

An important service provided by Lictronic is the specific design of electronic boards and equipment. Thanks to the continuous technological update and the long experience in the various fields of application, we are able to cover the most diverse customer needs. Our goal is to provide adequate services using the most advanced technologies and multidisciplinary engineering.


  • Modification of DC drives with energy efficiency
  • Transformation of data acquisition systems
  • Modification of AC drives with harmonic filtering
  • Construction of interface devices from obsolete systems
  • Innovation and efficiency of electronic control boards
  • Update of old ECUs 


Types of service

>Application sectors

Customers' FAQ

The cheapest solution is to build an "ad hoc" interface to retransmit the status of the inputs on the original acquisition board. We can also study the modification of the lathe with the application of a new CNC system.

Our studio will evaluate possible solutions and make some proposals, among which we can hypothesize the modernization of data acquisition with DSP or ARM processors.


Construction of printed circuit boards, prototypes and small series.

Italy - La Spezia

Alignment of gas reception pump motor.

Malaysia - Selangor

Post-maintenance engines realignment.

Egypt - Cairo

Elimination of vibrations fan for klinker

Australia - Perth

Alignment of conveyor belts and similar

Cile - Colbun

Alignment of hydroelectric turbine

Taiwan - Linkou

Check of generators at first operation.

Lictronic Italy Srls Partners