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Thermographic inspections


In a conductor, a loss is produced by Joule effect which is directly proportional to the current flow. This undesired effect is only noticeable when using an infrared sensor, the so-called thermal imager / thermal camera. Knowing the exact energy dissipated allows you to evaluate what measures should be taken to reduce these effects, or eliminate any causes of failure. The applications of thermography are numerous and in many different sectors, including the construction, industrial, steel, automotive ones. For example, this technique is preferred in energy certifications as it represents an effective and precise method to identify any heat loss. 


  • Machinery and plants
  • Electric installations
  • Industrial automation
  • Electrical switchboards
  • Rotating machines
  • Generators / Engines
  • Electricity and gas cabins
  • Public and private buildings
  • Electronic devices


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Customers' FAQ

The thermography allows to highlight mechanical anomalies on bearings by raising the temperature. We can carry out periodic checks or specific inspections to identify any problems.

Thermography is an important aid on this matter. Lictronic will give you support to map your home with high resolution thermographic images, in order to highlight thermal bridges, dispersions, air drafts.


Thermographic inspection and preventive maintenance

Italy - La Spezia

Alignment of gas reception pump motor.

Malaysia - Selangor

Post-maintenance engines realignment.

Egypt - Cairo

Elimination of vibrations fan for klinker

Australia - Perth

Alignment of conveyor belts and similar

Cile - Colbun

Alignment of hydroelectric turbine

Taiwan - Linkou

Check of generators at first operation.

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