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Coordination, supervision and training of personnel

Coordination, supervision and training of personnel

Construction Supervision and Personnel Coordination are one of the key services that are essential to optimize costs and ensure the proper performance of the work.
The training of personnel, with a direct involvement in maintenance and verification activities, is one of the crucial activities in each company.


  • Military radar
  • Medical
  • Photovoltaic
  • Airport agency
  • Diagnostic and monitoring systems
  • Generators management systems
  • Maintenance of electrical and electronic devices
  • Public and private construction sites


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Customers' FAQ

We are used to train the staff in advance in order to optimize the execution time of the work. Given the complexity of the work and the tight schedule, we will adopt specific procedures to define and control the progress of the work by relying on a custom software, developed by us.

We will be pleased to support you also for this activity, that is common for us. With reference to the different languages of your operators, we will prepare the required documentation and manuals in English and we will proceed with the translation of the contents into the other required languages. Our staff is able to speak English and French; some engineers can also communicate in Arabic, Russian and Spanish.


Supervision and training of personnel

Italy - La Spezia

Alignment of gas reception pump motor.

Malaysia - Selangor

Post-maintenance engines realignment.

Egypt - Cairo

Elimination of vibrations fan for klinker

Australia - Perth

Alignment of conveyor belts and similar

Cile - Colbun

Alignment of hydroelectric turbine

Taiwan - Linkou

Check of generators at first operation.