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Testing and start-up of LV/MV, and production plants

Switchgear testing, Precommissioning, Commissioning, LV and MV systems start-up

We study daily the solutions introduced on the market by the most famous brands; we are able to assist our customers in the constructive verification, commissioning and calibration of Low and Medium Voltage systems. An experience of over 25 years characterizes us in this specialty; our staff is qualified FER, CEI 11-27 and CEI 11-78, and we operate on EX, onshore and offshore systems. Our mission is focused on quality and customer satisfaction, values that encourage us to give the best, always. 


  • Oil platforms
  • Hydro and thermoelectric production plants
  • Energy production systems from alternative sources
  • Production automation systems
  • Gas treatment plants
  • Water treatment plants
  • Medium Voltage and Low Voltage Distribution
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    Customers' FAQ

    Our personnel, assigned to this type of work, have OPITO, BOSIET, H2S, PES and Firefighting certificates. Before performing any start-up, we train our staff in the specific procedures for site management. We have collaborations with professional figures with targeted skills, for the broad spectrum completion of the activities entrusted to us.


    Commissioning and testing

    Italy - La Spezia

    Alignment of gas reception pump motor.

    Malaysia - Selangor

    Post-maintenance engines realignment.

    Egypt - Cairo

    Elimination of vibrations fan for klinker

    Australia - Perth

    Alignment of conveyor belts and similar

    Cile - Colbun

    Alignment of hydroelectric turbine

    Taiwan - Linkou

    Check of generators at first operation.

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