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Shafts and pulleys alignments


During the construction or maintenance of rotating systems (e.g. generators or gearboxes, motors or pumps) a centesimal alignment of the moving parts must be guaranteed. Through specific laser instrumentation we perform alignments on customer's request, both for vibration investigation and for normal maintenance checks.


  • Fans towed by motor, through belts on pulleys 
  • Generator-gearbox alignment
  • Generator-turbine matching
  • Motor-pump coupling 
  • Coupling check after seismic events or after replacement for repair
  • Assembly of new actuators 
  • Ordinary maintenance of pumps/fans/generators/motors


Types of service

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Customers' FAQ

We can intervene on site and, with the help of our laser aligner, we'll proceed to check the alignment between extruder and motor to highlight or detect any coupling errors.

Our company has aligners able to operate on shafts of considerable size, thus allowing us to perform checks on systems of many Megawatts.


Alignment of moving parts

Italy - La Spezia

Alignment of gas reception pump motor.

Malaysia - Selangor

Post-maintenance engines realignment.

Egypt - Cairo

Elimination of vibrations fan for klinker

Australia - Perth

Alignment of conveyor belts and similar

Cile - Colbun

Alignment of hydroelectric turbine

Taiwan - Linkou

Check of generators at first operation.

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