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The Lictronic Group consists of Lictronic Italy e Lictronic KenyaLictronic offer multiple service in the electrotechnical and electronic field at an international, sia per l’industria sia per i privati. Sebbene il Core Business storico sia l’elettronica applicata ai vari processi industriali, l’evoluzione e le richieste di mercato hanno favorito il naturale ampliamento delle competenze e la sinergia con professionisti in differenti settori di complemento. Grazie alla continua crescita di questo ultimo decennio, Lictronic ha stretto numerosi accordi con aziende di varie parti del mondo, favorendo, di fatto, la nascita di un gruppo importante operante in modo dinamico, acquisendo anche il prestigioso titolo di Flying Engineers. Lictronic, con il suo team, si propone come valido partner a supporto di investitori ed aziende che vogliono realizzare i propri progetti e le proprie idee.        I professionisti che operano in collaborazione con Lictronic, completano le competenze ed apportano un valore aggiunto al già consolidato know-how nell’ambito della produzione energetica. Lictronic è una realtà industriale basata su semplici valori: onestà, trasparenza, correttezza e professionalità. La progettazione viene affidata ad uno studio di ingegneria, da anni impegnato nello sviluppo di sistemi e dispositivi speciali LS Engineering >

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Maintenance of static Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance check of multi-brand UPS, sale of Uninterruptible Power Supplies for standard and special applications.

Production of devices according to customer specifications

Production of static switches, power supply units, transformer starters, soft-starters for motors, active power factor correction units.

Repair of AC/DC drives, electronic boards and various devices

Electronic repair laboratory equipped with test benches.

Coordination, supervision and training of personnel

These activities mainly concern project management and special operations management of massive maintenance.

Testing and start-up of LV/MV, and production plants

Low voltage switchboards, PMCC, medium voltage, energy production plants and industrial process equipment

Design and construction of plant automation

Industrial automation, regulatory updates, energy efficiency including related activities

Shafts and pulleys alignments

Lictronic Srls has specialized technicians and laser alignment devices with high precision, for small, medium and large applications.

Vibration analysis and shaft balancing

Cutting-edge technicians and innovative equipment for the computerized recognition of triaxial vibrations, analysis and direct action in the field

Startup of synchronous generators/motors

"Start-up" means the commissioning of rotating systems used for electric power generation and motors in high and medium voltage.

Thermographic inspections

Infrared scanning with thermal imaging cameras for the detection of: mechanical friction, electrical anomalies, fluid leaks, environmental conditions

Design and construction of electronic devices

Process control boards, special power supplies, revamping of obsolete controls.

Test on voltmetric and amperometric transformers

Tests carried out by checking the characteristics and linearity of current and tension transducers.

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